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  • How to Remove Browser Hijack

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    May 26

    First let us know what is browser hijacking.

    Browser hijacking is basically taking control of your browser to redirect it to sites of the hijacker’s choice. For example if you type – com it will take you to some other website. If you click on a search result on it will redirect you to some other website. Browser hijack is done by spyware or virus also know hijackware. Some browser hijacker’s are Morwill Search, CoolWebSearch,, etc

    How do you recognize browser hijacking?

    We need to look for symptoms like slow internet speed, many unwanted toolbars on your browser, many pop ups, your home page changed without your permission, your search results are redirected to other websites etc.

    Now how to remove browser hijacking?

    1. Reset your browser: We do this to bring the browser to its default. In case any changes made by the virus then it will be removed. Follow the steps on how to reset your browser for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox by visiting the links.

    2. If you have any third party browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, I suggest you uninstall and re-install it. This should resolve the issue in most cases.

    3. If your browser infection is along with your computer, then I suggest first you remove the virus from your computer. Then ran Hijack this. Download it and then run it. If that does not help then follow the above 2 steps.

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