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  • Troubleshoot: Unable to Open .jpg Images With Windows Photo Viewer on Windows XP

    Filed under Troubleshooting
    Apr 8

    If you ever face a situation where you are unable to open images using the default windows fax and picture then first of all check the file association. For example we are trying to open .jpg image. We need to make sure that Windows picture is set to JPEG or .jpg.

    If that is alright, check if there are various shortcuts on the desktop. Try placing all the shortcuts in a folder and then check if you are able to open the images. This should resolve the issue. It is little weird but it has resolved the issue.

    If you have any take on this or you have experienced any thing as such, please share your experience.

  • Troubleshoot: Unable to See Bing Bar on Internet Explorer 9

    Filed under Troubleshooting
    Feb 9

    If you are using Internet Explorer 9 and you would like to use Bing bar from Microsoft, it may happen that it will not show up. Even though it is installed and you have enabled it under manage add ons.

    How to troubleshoot:

    1. Check the IE 9 opening is 32 bit or 64 bit. Please note that both 32 bit and 64 bit version of Internet Explorer are available in Windows 7. If it is opening IE 9 64 bit then it will not show any toolbar. There is no toolbar for 64 bit version of IE. So make sure we open the 32 bit version of IE 9.

    2. If we are opening IE 9 32 bit version and still unable to see, then uninstall and re-install Bing bar.

    By the way, Bing bar has evolved into multiple usage toolbar with features like Facebook, Gmail, weather etc.

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